Sunday, September 20, 2009

somebody punch me

Ok, note to self: no more posting when you are on a self-pity binge. Ugh. That was so gay. I'm surprised I don't have comments telling me to shut up. Nobody likes whiners.
Today has been awesome. I met a friend at Pincushion mountain and we did a 2 mile hike with our kids, my two-year-old pooped out quickly so most of the walk was with him on my shoulders, but it was so worth it. The weather is HOT for this time of year, so of course I'm sweating bullets.
Now I'm out on the deck drinking bloody marys while Cade takes a nap and Emma is at the lake jet-skiing with a friend. Life is good.
PS: please ignore the whiner posts. I would take them down, but I'm lazy and you never know when I might need them for an insanity plea.

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