Friday, March 5, 2010

How Strong is She?

In the Summer, they struggled.
In the Fall, he was suddenly dead.
Their little girl tried to understand, her mother tried to hide her tears.
How do you reach out to someone who has lost their mate?
Can she handle it? How strong is she?
Stronger than I.
She wants to fall apart, but she can't. She holds herself together for her daughter, she goes to work, life goes on.
But one look in her eyes tells the truth. You can see the pain welling up as she speaks his name, softly, and you can hear the hurt as she recalls how he took care of them.
I can hardly bear it.
In the Winter, she carries on.
And she reaches out to help me as I lie there, too weak too stand. I ask her how she's doing, but it sounds so lame. I want to ask her more, but I don't want to make her cry.
When she leaves my hospital room, I turn to the wall and cry tears of shame. How strong is she!
In the Spring, she smiles.
She is amazing.
She takes care of her daughter like no mother I have ever seen. That little girl will grow up to be amazing, too. She takes care of her family, she takes care of us.
Who takes care of her?
She inspires me. I want to be that strong, too. I feel lucky just to know her. I want to say that, but when my tongue gets stuck, I write it here.
Keep standing tall, girl. If you fall, I've got your back.
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  1. Perhaps you should have considered writing as a profession.