Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To Make a Broken Heart

I don't believe anyone can get through life without one - and most of us carry the scars of multiple heartbreaks with us forever. It never gets easier, it is never forgotten, but in time memories mellow, hurt becomes bittersweet, our faith is restored, and we hope.
Hope. Hope the last one was the only one. Hope the next one never comes.
And we swear we would never break a heart. Until we do.
I have broken more than one. I cannot bear it. When I look into their eyes,I remember my first heartbreak as a child, an adolescent, as an adult. The physical ache, the disappointment, the mental anguish. The feeling that you want to scream but you're down to your last breath. I remember wondering *how* someone who loved me could hurt me so badly. I cried *why* a million times.
Why? That's what I wanted to know. Why me? What had I done? Why would they leave me? Why would they build me up to tear me down? Why would anyone want to break my heart? I never understood.
So why would I?
I wish I knew.

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